Papaw’s Garden Supply was started in 2019 as a small family owned business to give back our knowledge of forty plus years of nurturing the soil.We believe in order to produce healthy fruits and vegetables we must feed the soil in order for it to feed the human race.

The seeds and supplies for sale on this website have be tested by Papaw in his own garden, through all weather conditions and have found to be the suited to home gardening.  Whether it be a time tested heirloom or a commercial hybrid we hope you will find these selections provide you with a bountiful harvest. Last but not least, this website is for the next generation.  Our tag line: 

Helping the next generation grow”,

is not just a slogan but our way of life.  We have grandchildren and they do help us in our garden.  They know what the taste of fresh broccoli or salad greens should be.  They know how crunchy and good Papaw’s homemade sauerkraut is or Mamaw’s roasted Brussels sprouts are.  They know what good, nutritious food should taste like.  That is the experience we want to bring to your household too.  Gardening does not have to be work; especially when the bounty is shared with friends, family, and neighbors.  One of God’s greatest gifts is giving us the ability to share our life giving food with one another.